I have always been drawn to classical Greek sculpture and to classical Indian

 statues from the Chola period, because of a timeless quality about them.

 A graceful hand gesture, a face which radiates unfathomable peace,

 the sway of a form.  The Shiva Nataraja for example, invites me to connect with

 a reality far bigger than my own personal drama.

Likewise the faces of people around me.  I sometimes see a persons face

in the fourth dimension.  In my minds eye, I project them back to toddlerhood,

or forward to old age.  Each face is a mystery that I can come closer to

by painting it. 

The beauty of timeless art draws on the beauty of life itself and points to the 

divine design of the human form and of all life forms. In the web of life we are all



I sometimes find a surprising bond between animals and people that are usually

 adversaries.  It is equally touching to see love between people and animals that

 more commonly appear as food on our plates.  These are magical moments to

 capture in paint.

At the current time I am particularly inspired by individuals working to heal,

preserve and give sanctuary to wildlife under threat.  Some paintings will give

you information about specific individuals and organizations and the vital

conservation work they are doing.

Please visit the link below to view Portraits, Artistic Nudes, Gods, Goddesses,

Mudras, and Wildlife.   Fine Art giclee prints are also available.  


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