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Timeless art draws on the beauty and echoes the divine design of the human form and of all life forms. These are just words of course! The act of drawing or painting helps me to experience this truth and to simply appreciate the beauty and mystery of life.  You will find a variety of beautiful beings here - children, adults, dieties, dancers and wildlife.  In the web of life, we are all connected.  

"God in You and God in Me"



I am particularly inspired by individuals working to rescue and give sanctuary to wildlife under threat.  Recently I have been painting to benefit wildlife organizations, who rescue animals from dreadful situations, and work to preserve and protect threatened species.


A wonderful example is Wildlife SOS based in India. Raju was big in the news a year ago, and known as the "crying elephant".  This painting commemorates Raju's anniversary celebration.  One full year of freedom for Raju after spending over fifty years in chains.


Limited edition giclee prints of this painting are still available. Any proceeds go to support the work of Wildlife SOS. Please contact me if you would like to order one.



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