How to Commission a Painting

Paintings about Anything

The beauty of commissioning your own painting is that it can be absolutely anything you like ! It  can be an exciting process because it brings our creative vision into play. And while it does take some planning, a painting designed just for you, can be created with little effort on your part.  Please contact me with any ideas or questions.



For portrait commissions, I work from carefully selected photographs as well as from direct observation. The first step toward the creation of your portrait is to picture the portrait in your home.  Where would you like the finished portrait to appear in your home?   What do you want it to say or communicate about the person?  


Normally I take my own photographs as it is unusual for the lighting and composition of existing photographs to provide just the right elements for a painted portrait.  Photos can be taken in an informal setting where the subject is comfortable.


When using a photograph for reference, I also prefer to observe the subject (that is the ‘person in the flesh’) at the beginning and again near the end of the painting process.  Skin tone and eye color are particularly important to observe (and check) as the portrait nears completion.


Delivery of the finished portrait is usually within two months, depending upon how busy I am at the time.  If you have a special date or event you are planning for, I will always do my best to accomodate your needs.


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